Water Damage

Our latest client Paula had been recommended to us by another customer and she was having problems dealing with her insurance company over an insurance claim for water damage.​

Unfortunately her flat had been badly affected by a long term leak that had gone undetected until she had some repairs done to her bathroom. It was discovered that the leak had caused her flooring to start to buckle and had affected most of the rooms in her Dartford flat. 

Her insurance company had sent their own builders round but Paula wasn't comfortable with the works they proposed and wanted to get a third party opinion. Her partner who lived in a similar flat nearby had a similar experience with water damage but the remedial works done by his insurance company had resulted in ongoing problems, something that Paula wanted to avoid.  

When we inspected her flat it was clear that careful works were needed to properly replace the sections of floor that went under her walls. If they were left, something the insurer's builders were planning to do, black mould would have continued to spread. 

We visited Paula a further two times and represented her at on site visit with her insurance company. The insurance company agreed to our recommendations and we began works shortly afterwards.

All flooring was replaced including the delicate job or removing and replacing sections under the walls. Soundproofing was also installed so that when Paula re-let her flat, her new tenants would have minimal noise from the flat below. 

Works were completed within two weeks allowing Paula to get her new tenants in place and she was very pleased with the result. 


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