Wall Removal Canterbury

Wall removals need to be done carefully at the best of times. But particularly so when it is in a 3 floor property such as one the we have recently done.

Kev has over 15 years structural alteration experience and this job was ideal. The couple, Kajsa and Mike, had recently bought their first home in Canterbury and wanted to make an open plan living and kitchen area. But unfortunately their kitchen was hemmed into a very tight space and was hardly the perfect kitchen for entertaining. 

With their house being over three floors, additional supports needed to be installed under as well as where the wall was being taken down. 

Kev and the guys worked quickly and with as little disruption (and mess!) to get the wall removed. But as with such jobs, removing the wall tends to be the straightforward part.

Doing the finishing works to blend in the beam and edges, blocking up the door, plastering and moving electrics usually take up the majority of the time.

However both we and the homeowners were delighted with the final result and when we visited the house a few months later to do some more work, the new kitchen had been installed and looked wonderful!


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